Ready for the off

So, my trip starts in the morning, and my panniers are packed. Despite my best efforts, I am carrying just as much stuff as last year, if not more. Over 1 kg of it is food, in the form of gels and energy powder, so as last year, it will get lighter as the trip progresses. I guess that I will have to get someone else to do the packing if I want to get the weight down, which would have the added advantage of being able to blame A.N. Other when I find myself missing a crucial bit of kit. Continue reading

New challenge, new site

When it was suggested to me that I might create a website for my trip round Scotland this summer, I wasn’t initially keen, as the daily updates at the end of the day’s cycling were time intensive on my netbook, if fun. I then remembered how I have enjoyed looking back on my ‘diary’, and thought that I might try again, and see if I can do it a bit smarter. Continue reading