In three weeks’ time I will be on the boat over to Cairnryan! With a week in Mallorca and a week in Devon between now and then, the time is going to fly in.

Hayfever is making me feel tired at the moment, but a short ride on Monday confirmed that I am strong enough for the hills that await me in Scotland. My bike is now ready for the trip, with the standard chainset swapped for a compact one (giving me lower gearing), and mudguards and rack fitted. I will inspect the condition of the tyres in the next day or two, and will probably swap them over for new ones, for maximum puncture protection.

Yesterday evening I spent an hour uploading the daily routes to my Garmin bike computer. This took a while, as only one route can be added at a time. For each of the sixteen routes (15 days, but I have loaded two routes for the day from Braemar to Perth, one visiting Guthrie) I had to connect the Garmin to the computer, copy the route file to it, then disconnect it, start it up, and wait for it to convert the file. I passed the time by watching Danny MacAskill’s new video.

My left shoulder has still not recovered from my fall a week and a half ago, and playing is rather uncomfortable at the moment. Thankfully I can still ride 😀