New challenge, new site

When it was suggested to me that I might create a website for my trip round Scotland this summer, I wasn’t initially keen, as the daily updates at the end of the day’s cycling were time intensive on my netbook, if fun. I then remembered how I have enjoyed looking back on my ‘diary’, and thought that I might try again, and see if I can do it a bit smarter.

I have incorporated my Twitter feed, a piece of social media that up to this point I have only really used to ‘stalk’ others!  It was a good way to keep up with the Tour de France on holiday two years ago, although Denise got fed up of seeing me walk round with my head buried in my iPhone. My intention would be to tweet snippets as the day progresses, and then write shorter summaries at the end of each day, which I may expand when I get home and have access to a full size keyboard.

So here it is – Touring site 2.0. Enjoy…