Ready for the off

So, my trip starts in the morning, and my panniers are packed. Despite my best efforts, I am carrying just as much stuff as last year, if not more. Over 1 kg of it is food, in the form of gels and energy powder, so as last year, it will get lighter as the trip progresses. I guess that I will have to get someone else to do the packing if I want to get the weight down, which would have the added advantage of being able to blame A.N. Other when I find myself missing a crucial bit of kit.

I am, in equal parts, excited and apprehensive. Excited to be getting on the bike and at the anticipation of all the beautiful scenery through which I will be passing. With a decent weather forecast, I may even get to see some of it!

Apprehensive because I haven’t done nearly the number of miles this year that I did last year in preparation for my Irish and Scottish trips. Couple that with the fact that my shoulder has yet to fully recover from my crash a month ago and I am left with a niggling doubt over whether the body will be up for it. I do have the luxury of what should be five easy days’ cycling to ease my legs in. I just need to remember to take it easy, not always pressing on, as I am wont to do during a day ride.

If you are reading this, or my subsequent daily blogs, do leave a comment. I appreciated those left last year. For my part, I will try to be entertaining, and will post any pictures of injuries especially for Kevin, although I can’t promise to go out of my way to obtain them.

A new departure for this year is the incorporating of my Twitter feed into the web site. If I remember, I will be tweeting during the day, using the hashtag #rgtos (Richard Guthrie’s Tour of Scotland). I had intended to use #tos, but found out yesterday that my exploits would be read by fans of Star Trek The Original Series, for whom they may be of little interest. Thanks to Stephen McIlwaine for pointing that out, and for the alternative suggestion. 🙂